Dear Bigg Boss, Stop Parading Your ‘Biscuit Men’ Shirtless, It’s Sexist And Ridiculous

Mumbai: Imagine if any male celebrity visits Bigg Boss house as a special guest and asks the female contestants – Shamita Shetty, Tejasswi Prakash, Miesha Iyer and others to flaunt their skin because it’s ‘hot and sexy’. Sounds shameful, right? But why do we change our stand when the same is done with people of the opposite gender?

What happened during Weekend Ka Vaar?

Hina Khan, who appeared on Bigg Boss 15 during Saturday Ka Vaar, asked ‘Biscuit Men’ of the house to go shirtless and clean a table with their ‘biscuits’. Well, if you are still wondering what these biscuits are, these are abs. While Vishal Kotian, Simba Nagpal, Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal paraded shirtless following Hina’s announcement, female contestants rated their hotness level.

Not entertainment, but sexism!

How right is this? Imagine if a woman is asked to do all of this! Yes, our reaction would be totally different. In the name of entertainment, this is sexism. The very fact that these contestants with abs are being tagged as ‘biscuit men’ proves that it is nothing but objectification. If you object to somebody calling a woman ‘kadak’ or ‘aag’, you must object to the usage of the term ‘biscuit men’ as well. And yes, not to forget this is all happening on national television! It shows how deep-rooted the issue of sexism, objectification and discrimination on the basis of gender is in our society.

Hypocrisy exposed!

It also exposes our hypocrisy. We, who preach to our children about not being sexist and ask them not to objectify any person, end up doing all this in the garb of entertainment.

Not to forget, every time a young glamorous actor comes inside the Bigg Boss 15 house, she asks these men to go shirtless and impress her with their moves. Entertaining, right? Maybe it’s high time we change our definition of entertainment. Salman Khan had said this during Saturday’s episode but seems like even Bigg Boss needs to pay attention to this, “Uthana hi hai toh apne dimaag, soch ka level uthao (Increase your mental level if you want to).”

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