Bigg Boss 15, Oct 20 Update: Shamita Shetty Nominates Herself For Eviction, Fans Call Her ‘Pure Soul’

Bigg Boss 15, Oct 20 Update: In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, actor Shamita Shetty decided to nominate herself for eviction. After the shocking eviction of Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya in the Monday episode, the Tuesday episode came with a lot of surprises that also included a new nomination process. Instead of the open nominations or the usual nominations that happen in the confession room, Bigg Boss called the contestants in the illusion room where a person going inside was considered already nominated and in lieu of saving himself/ herself, the person had to nominate another person. The catch here was that once nominated, the other person chosen by the one who’s inside the illusion room will also lose the right to nominate another person in his/ her own place.

Shamita was the first contestant who went inside the illusion room. Once she stepped inside, she saw surrounded herself by mirrors. It was then that Bigg Boss told her that if she can see herself in all the mirrors, that means that she is already nominated, and if she doesn’t want to get nominated, she will have to choose another contestant in her own place knowing that the person she chooses will lose the right to nominate someone other. Shamita, while exclaiming that she won’t nominate someone else to save her ownself, decided that she will not put a cross on any banner with other contestants’ faces on them. She put a cross on her own poster inside the illusion room.

Shamita then came outside and the rest of the contestants were left gobsmacked when Bigg Boss announced that she had nominated herself for the eviction this week.

While many of Shamita’s fans would call it a sensitive move on her part to build a relationship with the housemates, a few fans would be left disappointed seeing that she didn’t think for herself above others. Do you think she should have nominated herself? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 15!