Anupamaa Dussehra Episode Twist: Anuj Kapadia Defines Toxic Masculinity For Samar, Buys Lehenga For Anupama

Anupamaa Dussehra Episode Twist: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, the viewers will see Anuj Kapadia making Samar understand the real meaning of being a partner to a woman. When Samar goes and gets into a physical fight with Rohan after the latter harasses Nandini, Anuj tells him that it was not the right decision on his part. He tells him that no woman needs a man who would resort to killing someone for her, but she needs to have a partner who would support her in her fight.

Anuj, who has set the right example of a feminist man, tells Samar that nobody blames a man for causing violence but it’s the woman who’s targetted as the reason behind the man’s fight and he should have been careful before hitting Samar. While Samar realises his mistake, it would now be interesting to see how Anuj takes care of the mess that he has caused without letting anyone in his family know of the incident.

Meanwhile, Vanraj Shah discovers a romantic note written by Anuj for Anupama. Turns out that Devika gifts a lehenga to Anupama that Anuj had bought for her but could never gift her. Anupama, who doesn’t know that it’s a lehenga bought by Anuj, wears it as a present from Devika. A note from Anuj drops from the bag and gets stuck to Vanraj’s shoes. He gets furious as he reads what’s written on that note.

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