Bigg Boss 15: Simba Nagpal Gets Into Ugly Fight With Umar Riaz, Says, ‘Bhai Ke Dum Par Pahuncha Hai’

Mumbai: Ever since Asim Riaz’s brother Umar Riaz entered Bigg Boss 15 house, he has been winning hearts. However, in a recent episode, Umar got into an ugly fight with fellow contestant Simba Nagpal. This, after the Bigg Boss, announced the task in which the junglewasis were supposed to extract sugarcane juice. However, during the task, Umar Riaz was seen stealing sugarcane sticks from Donal Bisht, which lead to his massive argument with Simba Nagpal.

Simba tried to distract Umar and made certain personal comments. “Bhai ke dum par pahuncha hai, teri koi aukaat nahin hai (You are here because of your brother, you are nobody),” Simba said. Even Umar answered back saying, “Finally, Simba’s baby has opened his mouth.” Umar kept addressing Simba as ‘Simba baby’, which also added big to the argument. Stepping up his attack on Umar, Simba said, “You are jealous of your younger brother and that is why you want to become like him.”

Later, Simba was also seen taunting Umar about the difference between him and Asim. “Dono opposite hai, ek fattu ek dekho kahan pahunch gaya (They both are opposites. One is a scared person, look where the other brother is!),” Simba said.

Meanwhile, before entering Bigg Boss 15 house, Umar Riaz talked about his brother’s fame and mentioned that he has not been offered Bigg Boss 15 because of the same. Umar had also mentioned that he is in Bigg Boss 15 because even the makers saw something in him. “People saw me supporting him on Bigg Boss 13 and also saw me in the family round, they liked me. There have been many family members of the contestants on the show in the past, but none of them got an opportunity like this, so I would say even the makers saw something in me,” Umar Riaz had said in a conversation with The Times of India.

For the unversed, Umar Riaz is Asim Riaz’s elder brother. He had also made a special appearance in Bigg Boss 13, when his brother Asim Riaz was locked inside the house.