Squid Game Creates History, Surpasses Bridgerton As Netflix’s Biggest Launch Ever

South Korea: Who does not know about Squid Game! The Korean survival thriller has become globally popular in just a few days. The show focuses on an indebted group of people in South Korea who are tricked to participate in children’s games. However, they are unaware that these games will turn out to be deadly. Despite knowing the consequences, it’s hard for people to leave it because they know that it may be their only chance to win the money they need. While the world is talking about this South Korean show, do you know that it has also been breaking records?

Yes, Squid Game has become Netflix‘s biggest launch ever. On Wednesday, the streaming platform announced that Squid Game has surpassed 117 million global accounts in just 17 days. With this, Squid Game has also become Netflix’s first series to surpass 100 million in its first 28 days on the service.

“It took more than 10 years for Hwang Dong-hyuk to get Squid Game made. It only took 17 days and 111M global fans to become our biggest ever series at launch (and the first to surpass 100M when it premiered),” the Netflix announcement read.


Before Squid Game, this spot was held by Bridgerton with 82 million viewers.

For the unversed, Netflix uses a 28-day window to measure the performance of a show on its platform. To rank the shows, Netflix checks the number of accounts that watched the series for at least two minutes.

Last month, Squid Game was also announced as Netflix’s No. 1 show worldwide. The show was released September 17 and in just two days it entered the top 10 shows list. On September 21 (which means just 4 days after its release), Squid Game topped the list of top 10 shows globally.