Bigg Boss 15: Karan Schools Jay Over His Fight With Pratik, He Snaps Back And Says ‘Tu Chadh Mat Mere Upar’

Bigg Boss 15 Highlight: In tonight’s episode, Karan Kundrra will be seen schooling Jay Bhanushali over his fight with Pratik Sehajpal. During the ugly war of words, Jay abused him and gave him ‘Maa Ki Gali’. Reacting to the same, Pratik broke down in tears and said ‘Meri Maa Ko Gali Mat Do Yaar’ (Please don’t slang my mother)” and he added that if anyone in the house abuse his mother, he will walk out of the show.

Soon after, the house was seen divided into two groups – one who was supporting Jay and the other supporting Pratik. Amid all the drama, Karan, being a good friend, tried to make Jay understand that his actions can land him and probably others in trouble. However, Jay snapped back at Karan saying that he knows that he is right and Karan should not try to enforce his opinions on him.


Jay tells Karan, “Mujhe tu galat mat bol. Mujhe malum hai mai sahi hoon. Koi mujhe support kare na kare, mujhe us se koi lena dena nahi hai” (You don’t tell me that I am wrong. I know that I am right. I have got nothing to do with anyone supporting me or not supporting me).”

Karan again makes an attempt to make him understand and calmly said, “Usko (Pratik) jo bola gaya tha vo usne kiya. Tujhe jo bola gaya tha, vo tujhse nahi ho raha hai” (Pratik was asked to change and he is improving but you seem to have been failing).”

This irked Jay even more and he said, “Abey tu chadh mat mere upar. Agar vo us point par mujhe lekar aayega. (Don’t yell at me. He (Pratik) is bringing me to that point where I can’t stop myself) So, I can’t even stop myself.”

Do you think Jay Bhanushali and Karan Kundrra’s friendship will break?