Nisha Rawal Shares Strong Message Amid Domestic Violence Case Against Karan Mehra

Mumbai: Nisha Rawal shared a strong message on Instagram amid the ongoing domestic violence case against her estranged husband Karan Mehra. The actor in her new cryptic post shared a quote by Gaur Gopal Das which read, “If you speak too much, they’ll say you’re cheap. If you don’t speak as much, they’ll say you have an attitude. If you speak just as much as is required, they’ll say you’re mean. Whatever you do, they’ll always say something. Don’t allow what they’ll say to define your life. (sic)”

She captioned, “If this is what u needed to hear too…”

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Nisha Rawal in June leveled some serious charges against her husband Karan Mehra. She accused him of domestic violence and an extramarital affair following which he was arrested. However, Karan denied the accusations and claimed that Nisha orchestrated the entire incident to arm-twist him into giving up a big amount of alimony.

Speaking with Bombay Times, Nisha reacted to Karan’s allegation and said, “I don’t want any alimony. What will he provide me with that I haven’t given him? We built everything together. I started earning at a very young age and supported him throughout even before he became a part of Yeh Rishta. I have done so much work and whoever I collaborated with will vouch for the fact that Karan was in charge of the commercials.”

Nisha shared that she is an independent woman, however, she demanded back all her jewellery and assets she got during the marriage, in a bid to have a new start. She added, “He took away all my jewellery and everything I got with me during our marriage. I have asked him to return the jewellery he has disposed of because I need to start my life again. Meri mom ke property ke papers bhi uske paas pade hue hain (he even has my mother’s property papers with him), which I want him to return. There’s nothing that I am asking for myself. I am an independent girl and will look after my child and me.”

Karan and Nisha continue to level allegations against each other. While Nisha accused Karan of domestic violence and extramarital affair and lodged a complaint against him at Goregaon Police Station, Karan claimed that he did not touch her. In fact, he alleged that she banged her head against the wall and blamed it on him.