Bigg Boss 15: Jay-Pratik Get Into Fierce Fight Once Again, Contestants Grapple Onto Each Other

Bigg Boss 14 Highlights: In tonight’s episode, contestants are all set to do anything to get inside the main house. The jungle praanis turn into terrifying bandits while the other three contestants in the house – Shamita, Nishant and Pratik – plan how to finish off the bandits. During the task, the battle between jungle waasis and ghar wasis get intense as the latter strategies to eliminate bandits and the former team plans to keep the rival team away by all means.

Karan planned to keep the housemates keep away from the jungle praanis by all means, which later escalates to pulling each other away, pushing and all contestants fallen on ground on each other. Well, we can say the task in the jungle was definitely a wild one, at least for the contestants. Jay Bhanushali and Pratik once again get into a fierce fight and Shamita Shetty takes the stand against the violence in the house. However, the task becomes even more intense and the contestants get even more competitive.


Meanwhile, on the other hand, Vishal was seen bringing out his fanboy as he marked megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday. He thanked the actor and revealed that he has been his inspiration since childhood and he is the reason he is a actor today. He revealed that when he watched Deewar, he then and there decided that he will become an actor.

Apart from all the fight, love is too blossoming inside the house between Miesha and Ieshaan. Jay and Simba pull the legs of the couple. Jay quips, “Kaccha naariyal abhi ghisna band karo!” while Afsana Khan called their love ‘fake’.