Sahil Shroff Breaks Silence on His Elimination From Bigg Boss 15, Says ‘I Went as an Underdog’

Bigg Boss 15 eliminated contestant Sahil Shroff: Actor and model Sahil Shroff got eliminated from Bigg Boss 15 this weekend. After leaving the show, Sahil talked about his experience and how he couldn’t fit among the ‘TV stars’. He said that he had a good journey inside the house but he was just starting to find his foot in the show when he was evicted.

Speaking to ETimes, Sahil said, “I was just starting to make my place in the house and make my way through the chaos. I was taking my time there and everyone noticed that. I had just started engaging more with other contestants when I was eliminated.” The actor added that he was missing his daily life inside the house and is okay with coming out of the show in the first week itself.

Sahil hadn’t watched the previous seasons while entering the house. However, he doesn’t think that it stood as a disadvantage for him. He mentioned that had this been a nomination task where contestants were taking each other’s names, he wouldn’t have been nominated by the housemates. “Everyone was nominated last week. If there had been a round where people had to name contestants for nomination, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been nominated because I had a good rapport with almost everyone. Most people there are TV faces, which I think was a disadvantage for me. I went in as an underdog,” he added.

Apart from Sahil, Simba Nagpal, and Donal Bisht were asked to pull up their socks in the game. During the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, host Salman Khan even grilled Praik Sehajpal for showing playing an undignified game and instigating fellow contestants to get into fights with him. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 15!