Bigg Boss 15: Vishal Kotian Sold Newspapers, Milk And Tickets In Black to Earn His Livelihood

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Vishal Kotian is making a different bond with the audience with his stints inside the BB house. He is a model-turned actor and has experience in television industry. In the Bigg Boss house, Vishal continues to give the new breed a run for money with his chiseled body and good looks. He spoke to ETimes before entering the Bigg Boss 15 house and opened up about his ups and downs.

The Akbar Ka Birbal actor shared that as a kid he would sell newspapers, milk and used to sell movie tickets in black as he came from a poor family. The actor is grateful to his parents who sent him to a good school and today he is an MBA in finance from one of the best universities of India. Vishal revealed that he would sell film tickets of Salman Khan’s films in black and has paid his school fees with that money. He further shared that it is a dream come true moment for him to share the stage with the same star whose film tickets he sold in black. “I have come from a very small place. I come from a place which is for goons, bhais. I was born and brought up in Mumbai’s famous area called Dagdi Chawl, kala chowki and Lalbaug. I was born in a very poor family. I still remember we lived in a very small house and my mother used to cook rice and as it was not enough, she would just have the rice water. She would give the rice to me and my father. I have dropped newspaper’s, milk bottles in people’s houses to earn my livelihood. I have done all kinds of jobs”, Vishal Kotian told the portal.

“I am very grateful to my parents as they put me in a very good school because they knew that if I have to reach somewhere in life, I need to have a good education. They put me in Don Bosco High School, I studied and worked hard and here I am. I am an MBA in finance from one of the best universities of India. This is the real me and I am proud of myself so why not show it to the world”, he further said.