Anupamaa And Kavya Set Best Example of Women Empowerment, Anuj Kapadia Left Surprised!

Anupamaa spoiler latest news: In an interesting twist, Anupama and Kavya unite to work for Anuj Kapadia and provide empowerment and employment to many women with their new project. Kavya feels grateful for Anupama after the latter agrees to hire her in her new project at Anuj’s company. However, this, as expected, doesn’t go down well with Vanraj Shah who acts violently this time and pushes Anupama when she tries to put an ointment on his wound. Both Kavya and Anupama are taken aback seeing the violent side of Vanraj who has already been furious over both the women for showing a fascination towards Anuj and the way he works.

In between all this, Pakhi, Anupama, and Vanraj’s youngest daughter creates another crisis when she accuses her parents to be arrogant and reckless. She tells both Anupama and Vanraj that she is tired of seeing them both fighting with each other every day. This irks both the parents and they do some self-check. Only that their happy picture with Pakhi on her special day goes on social media to be seen by Anuj Kapadia who feels a little jealous seeing Anupama smiling with Vanraj in one frame as they celebrate their daughter’s success together.

Now, even though Anuj agreed to hire Kavya after Anupama mentioned so, it would be interesting to see if it really emerges as the right decision. Also, more excitement seems to be on the way for the viewers as Anuj feels taken aback seeing Anupama and Vanraj’s picture online. What would Kavya and Anupama’s union mean for the Shah family? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!