BTS Suga Was Once Followed By An Obsessive Fan To Bathroom | Deets Inside

South Korea: BTS boys enjoy massive popularity around the world. However, not many people may realise that with a great fan following comes even bigger problems. It is not common for BTS members – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook to face obsessive fans who not only invade their privacy but also leave K-pop singers in shocking situations. Despite bodyguards and tight security, sometimes these obsessive fans make their way to chase BTS boys.

Not many people know that BTS member Suga has been repeatedly targeted by obsessive fans. Once a girl tried to kiss the K-pop singer at the airport. Not just this, but another fan had once followed him to the bathroom of an airport. The obsessive fan also immediately uploaded on social media that he had followed Suga. In another incident, a fan club had once revealed that a fan was ready to pay a huge sum to get Suga’s personal contact number.

BTS boys have been repeatedly chased by their fans. Earlier this year, when BTS boys visited New York for UNGA, some of the fans disclosed the name of the hotel where singers were supposed to stay along with their room numbers. Another fan came charging in at V aka Kim Taehyung but was stopped by the security guards.

Considering all such incidents, once V talked expressed concern and said, “There are those fans. In those private spaces, we don’t get to relax as much as we want to. So we were a bit uncomfortable. [And] to be frank with you, we don’t want you to do that. It’s really scary.”

Surely, popularity comes with a huge price. It’s time ARMY members must understand and must not invade singers’ privacy.