Saira Banu Remembers Dilip Kumar On 56th Wedding Anniversary: ‘We Still Walk Together Hand-In-Hand’

Mumbai: October 11 will mark the 56th wedding anniversary of Saira Banu with Dilip Kumar. While the legendary actor Dilip Kumar passed away earlier this year, Saira Banu has now expressed her love for her ‘Kohinoor’. In a note penned by Saira Bane to ETimes, she talked about her marriage with Dilip Kumar and mentioned that it was a ‘beginning of a sharing of a life of ecstatic togetherness’. Saira Banu also thanked fans and well-wishers for sending remembrance.

“Dilip Sahib and I, when time stood still and the sky was lit with a million happy sparkling stars… our wedding, the beginning of a sharing of a life of ecstatic togetherness… and now no matter what, we still walk together hand-in-hand, in our thoughts and being until the end of time,” Saira Banu wrote.

Saira Banu also mentioned that Dilip Kumar has inspired generations and has set an example among all with his work. “Dilip Sahib has been that iconic guiding light not only for me but for all those generations who’ve stepped forward in their lives exemplified by his gracious presence and personality,” she added.

Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar on October 11, 1966, after proposing to the man herself. They led a blissful married life of 55 years before Dilip Kumar breathed his last at the Hinduja Hospital on June 7, 2021. Reportedly, “God snatched away my reason for living. Without Sahab, I won’t be able to think about anything. Everyone, please pray (sic),” were Saira Banu’s first words after Dilip Kumar’s death.

On the health front, Saira Banu was admitted to Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai in August this year after she was diagnosed with depression and coronary syndrome.