Bigg Boss 15: Pratik Breaks Bathroom Lock While Vidhi Pandya Was Taking Bath, His Reaction Will Leave You Surprised

Bigg Boss 15 Highlights: In a shocking incident, Pratik Sehajpal broke the lock of the bathroom while Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath. Giving Pratik back for the incident, she informed about the same to all the housemates and even confront Pratik and asked, “Why would you do this when someone is taking a bath?”She said that even if it was a male contestant, he shouldn’t be doing such a thing when someone is taking a bath. Vidhi was quite clear that she is not putting any allegations on him, but questioned him on his actions.

Well, the other contestants soon jumped in Vidhi’s support but Pratik looked least bothered as he said that it was his game. This made them even more furious. In the live feed, Vidhi was seen telling Tejasswi Prakash that even if his intentions were right, he is not supposed to do something like that. She also said that since the shower was on, she first thought that she was imagining things, however, she soon realised that someone was playing with the lock. Tejasswi said if she ever feels something like this again she should just immediately call them and they will all be there for her.


It so happened, the jungle waasis and the main house contestants are already at war and are doing anything and everything they can to make the other group’s life miserable. As part of his creepy plan, Pratik Sehajpal tried to scare Vidhi while she was taking a shower. Knowing someone was inside, he started playing with the lock on the door. At first Vidhi thought she was imagining things, but later realised it’s someone doing it from the outside. She got to know that it was Pratik and confronted him for the same. Hearing the entire story, her co-contestants jumped in her support. However, Vidhi was quite clear that she knew that Pratik’s intentions were not wrong, but he shouldn’t have done what he did.