Anupamaa Interesting Spoiler: Now Kavya Goes to Anuj Kapadia to Ask For a Job, Will Vanraj Shame Her Too?

Anupamaa interesting spoiler: Seems like nothing is going to make Vanraj Shah realise that he is becoming arrogant and unreasonable in his arguments with Anupama. After creating a huge ruckus during the Bhumi Pujan of her and Anuj’s business site, Vanraj also shames Anupama at home while she, being the idol daughter, refuses to leave the shah house. However, she continues to work with Anuj who is now sending Samar to Delhi for a dance program. This again doesn’t go down well with Vanraj who objects to Anuj helping his son.

Meanwhile, the biggest twist in the story comes when Kavya visits Anuj’s office and requests him to offer the job to her that Vanraj had earlier refused to take. Vanraj doesn’t know about this and he keeps wondering where Kavya has disappeared since morning. It would be interesting to see how Vanraj deals with his insecurities when he now sees his wife going to Anuj to ask for a job in front of Anupama.

After Anupama refused to leave the Shah house and told Anuj that she would never leave her family alone, many fans were taken aback. As Anupamaa trended on social media, many viewers questioned how Anupama is not setting the right example by sticking to deal with harassment and toxicity at her house when she has an opportunity to work on her individuality. What do you think now – did Anupama take the right decision by living at the Shah house or should she have shunned them all and settled alone? Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!