Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra Warns Pratik Sehajpal to Not Play Game With Akasa Singh as She Likes Him

Bigg Boss 15 house has at present 16 contestants and one of them is Karan Kundrra, who has been winning the audiences’ hearts by playing genuinely. Recently, we saw singer and contestant Akasa Singh discussing her feelings for Pratik Sehajpal. She spoke to Karan Kunddra too about the same and he tried to make her understand that she can be friends with Pratik but she should make sure that she doesn’t become part of anyone’s strategy. He referred to Miesha and Pratik.

Akasa spoke to Karan very frankly and shared that she is a person who doesn’t like someone sitting alone or ignoring someone. Kundrra, on the other hand, told Akasa that being alone is part of Pratik’s strategy and he is trying to make a place in her heart. He ended the topic saying, he’s a person and she should definitely meet him outside the show and it would be interesting to see if he meets or not.          .


After the discussion with Akasa, Karan spoke to Pratik and asked him if he genuinely likes her. Pratik said that he connects with only her in the house and she is a good friend. In between the conversation, Karan warned Pratik that Akasa is a very different and simple girl and if he’s playing any game with her, it’s bad. He also told him that she genuinely likes him. However, Pratik assured Karan that he’s not playing any game.