Pandora Papers: Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff, Krishna Shroff Linked to New Zealand Trust, Swiss Bank Account? All You Need to Know

Pandora Papers: Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff and his children Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff have been named in the Pandora Papers investigation that unmasks the covert owners of offshore companies. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) said people linked by the secret documents to offshore assets also include Sachin Tendulkar, pop music diva Shakira, supermodel Claudia Schiffer. It is been reported that Jackie Shroff has reportedly been named as the ‘prime beneficiary’ of a trust that was set up by his wife, Ayesha Shroff’s mother, Claudia Dutt in New Zealand. As reported in Indian Express, Jackie’s mother-in-law formed the Media Trust, registered with London Fiduciary Trust Company Limited (LFTC) in New Zealand on November 29, 2005. Eight years later, the trust was reportedly terminated. The records in the Pandora Papers investigated that Jackie Shroff made “substantial contributions” to the trust, which had a Swiss bank account.

As reported in Indian Express, Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff’s two children – Tiger Shroff and Krishna Shroff were the other beneficiaries. Furthermore, the memorandum Shroff was “to be considered the primary beneficiary during his lifetime and his needs should be paramount.”

The record in the Pandora Papers does not mention Jackie Shroff’s contribution to the trust. However, a private Swiss account has been linked to the Trust with the Clariden Leu Bank. The report revealed that the bank account was also closed in 2013. However, Ayesha Shroff reacted to the investigation. She said, “My family and I have absolutely no knowledge of any such Trust. My mother, who passed away over ten years ago, was a Belgian citizen and not a resident of India.”