It’s BTS ARMY Selaa Day And Time For You To Pose With Your Favourite K-Pop Singer | Here’s What To Do

South Korea: There is a special bond between K-pop group BTS and their fans across the world. BTS fans (often called ARMY) are loyal and probably one of the best fandoms any band can enjoy. These fans never fail to support and shower love on their favourite K-pop singers. To mark this special relationship with BTS boys, several fan groups from around the world celebrate ARMY Selca Day every year. If you are wondering what it is and how you can participate in it, here is something you must know.

What Is BTS ARMY Selca Day?

Selca Day is no less than a Twitter festival for ARMY members across the world. On this day, fans upload a photograph of themselves, alongside a picture of their favourite BTS member. While it may look like a selfie collage, the aim is to make your picture similar to the picture of the BTS member. Therefore, you all have to do, is to choose a picture of your favourite BTS member, dress up like him and click a selfie.

When Does ARMY Celebrate Selca Day?

There is no specific date to celebrate ARMY Selca Day. Different fandoms celebrate this on the first Tuesday of any month. It was started in 2011 by a fandom called Block B.

How Are ARMY Members Celebrating Selca Day?

Check out how BTS ARMY members are posing selfies with their favourite K-pop singer to celebrate Selca Day:

What are you waiting for? Go to Twitter and post a picture with your favourite BTS member to celebrate Selca day.