Mumtaz Reveals Why She Didn’t Marry Shammi Kapoor And Lost Out on Mera Naam Joker: ‘They Didn’t Want Their Bahus in Film Line’

Mumbai: Legendary actor Mumtaz has revealed why she did not marry Shammi Kapoor despite being in love with him. In a recent interview with a leading entertainment portal, Mumtaz revealed that it was she who refused to marry Shammi Kapoor because Kapoors did not want their daughters-in-law to be in the film industry. “The world wanted to marry me but I had to decide who I shall remain happy with. Shammi Kapoor was very loving and caring with me. Nobody would believe that we were in love. Nobody believed that I had said ‘no’ to him for marriage because Shammi’s status in riches was higher; they said ‘how can Mumtaz refuse Shammi?’. Today when I am married to Mayur Madhvani who by the grace of God has money, people believe that I had refused Shammi,” Mumtaz told The Times of India.

Mumtaz also revealed that Shammi Kapoor had asked her to give up her career to stay happy with him. However, she did not accept it. “Kapoors didn’t like it if the bahus in their family were in the film line. Shammiji told me that if I wanted him to be happy with me, I would have to give up my career. Now at that young age, I was very ambitious and wanted to reach somewhere. I wanted to settle my family as well. Just to sit at home didn’t go down with me,” Mumtaz added. It was because of this reason that Mumtaz also lost out on ‘Mera Naam Joker‘. The role was consequently given to a Russian girl.

For the unversed, Mumtaz had worked with Shammi Kapoor in a couple of movies like Brahmachari and Vallah Kya Baat Hai. While Mumtaz married Mayur Madhvani, Shammi Kapoor married Geeta Bali.