BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung Invites ARMY To Write Lyrics For His Next Song: ‘I Am Envious That You Wrote For Jungkook’

South Korea: BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung has impressed fans once again. The K-pop singer is ruling hearts after he expressed a desire that he wants to make a song out of ARMY’s lyrics. On Friday, V aka Kim Taehyung took to social media platform weverse asking fans to send lyrics based on colour purple. He also promised to make a song out of it. While the original message was written in Korean, the translations read, “I am a song too. write some lyrics. I am so envious that you wrote the lyrics to Jung Kook.”

V’s message has initiated a storm on social media. Several ARMY members from across the world are super excited to write for the globally loved star. Fans took to Twitter sharing a screenshot of V’s message and showered love on him. Fans are also hoping that Kim Taehyung will do a live social media session soon.

Some of the fans also shared lyrics that they want V to include in his song. “The sun will be setting soon and the sky will show the moon. Although the night may be dark your love will shine through that purple star and fill my heart with a love so fine,” one of the fans wrote and used the hashtag ‘Purple Colour’.

Check out ARMY’s excitement here:

For the unversed, BTS member Jungkook treated his fans on his birthday this year after he went on VLive and worked on a song with the ARMY. He opted for lyrics that were written by ARMY members.

Check Jungkook’s VLive session here:

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