Govind Vs Krushna Abhishek: Arti Singh Opens Up About ‘Consequences’ She Faces Because Of The Tiff

Mumbai: The scuffle between Krushna Abhishek and Govinda is known to all. While they have often refused to share the stage with each other as well, Krushna’s sister Arti Singh has now opened up about the same. In a recent interview, Arti Singh talked about the consequences she has to face because of the tiff between the two families. Arti mentioned that her ‘Chi chi mama and his family’ do not speak to her as well. Bigg Boss 13 fame further wishes for the issue to be resolved and requests Govinda to forgive Krushna. “Whatever issue that happened between them, I too have to face the consequence. Chi chi mama and his family doesn’t speak to me anymore,” Arti Singh told The Indian Express.

Arti also revealed that she has spoken to Krushna Abhishek about the same and said, “Both parties have said somethings to each other. However, at the end of the day, we are family. I can only hope that the animosity is resolved soon and we can get back to the good times. I did speak to Krushna about it, and now it’s on mama to forgive him.”


The family feud between Govinda and Krushna fired up again recently after Krushna refused to be a part of a Kapil Sharma Show episode that welcomed Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja. Sunita had expressed disappointment with the same and had called it ‘upsetting and infuriating’. “Whenever we appear on the show, he says something about us in the media just for publicity. Kya faayda hai yeh sab bol kar? It makes no sense to discuss a family matter in public. Govinda may not respond or retaliate, but it upsets and infuriates me. Uske bagair bhi toh hamaara show hit hota hi hai, aur yeh wala bhi hoga,” Sunita had said.