Remo D’Souza’s Wife Lizelle Loses 40 Kgs in 2 Years, All About Her Weight Loss Journey From Intermittent Fasting to KETO Diet

Lizelle D’Souza’s weight loss transformation: Director and choreographer Remo D’Souza made an appreciation post for his wife, Lizelle D’Souza, on Sunday, praising her for her incredible weight loss journey. In December 2018, Lizelle weighed 105 kgs and as of September 2021, she has lost over 40 kilos. In an interview recently, she opened up on her weight loss journey and how the decision of going to any extent to achieve her goal weight was what kept her going for two years.

Weight Loss: How Lizelle D’Souza did 20 hours of intermittent fasting

Speaking to ETimes, Lizelle said that she hasn’t yet reached her weight goal but she is extremely proud of herself and her family and friends who stood by her during this terrific journey. She mentioned that it was from January 2019 that she began her journey with intermittent fasting. Lizelle said that she initially began fasting for 15 hours but gradually increased it to 18-20 hours. “In June, we started pushing with weight training and diet. People started noticing a major change in my weight post-June. Luckily we have a gym set up at home so I was working out during lockdown, too. I was weight training, doing intermittent fasting, and eating all homemade food. Remo and I made it a point to take evening walks in our building compound. I pushed my intermittent fasting to 18-20 hours and would eat one meal a day,” she said.


She added that while initially, she stuck to having keto ice cream and keto pizza as part of cheat meals once a week, she later switched to other things after Remo suffered a heart attack last year. “After Remo fell ill last year, I too went off Keto, I thought of doing a liquid diet, a calorie deficient diet and tried everything. You cannot diet for three months and then leave, even though I had made the same mistakes, I know how to handle it now. And I think Keto works the best. It is high fat but my intake is through Greek yogurt, avocado and I drastically lost 8-9 kilos. Altogether I managed to go from 105 to 65 kilos,” she explained.

Keto diet for weight loss: Why Lizelle D’Souza quit the Keto food

Lizelle also talked about the setback that she experienced in the middle of her journey. When Remo was hospitalised due to heart complications, his wife gained six kilos because of stress and not prioritising her own fitness. However, she was confident that she would get back to being her healthier self soon. Lizelle said that it was also the time when people warned her against Keto and she started to realise that she has to go a little slow with her diet.


“I think after Remo’s heart thing everyone was like, ‘you are doing Keto, it is high-end fat’, even after the vaccine people started scaring me, ‘the blood thickens and with that, you are doing a Keto diet’, so I went a little easy. It is just that with Covid and all, everyone has been behind my back not to diet. Also, your body gives you signals if something is not going right. I was getting a few vertigo issues, so I thought maybe it is because of my strict diet. So I went slow, for Ganpati too, I took a break for three days” she explained.

Surgery for weight loss: Lizelle D’Souza speaks

Lizelle had also thought of going under the knife for weight loss but she chose a stricter path. She said that she has had two caesareans and she knows she will never be able to go back to the shape she was in before her pregnancy but she wants to look fitter and healthier. ” I have a target to lose another 10 kilos by December, post that, I plan to go for a tummy tuck and Remo is supporting me, my kids are supporting me,” said Lizelle.

Weight loss is not a one-day achievement, it’s a journey full of highs and lows and one needs a constant commitment to oneself while deciding on to finally walking this path. Lizelle’s weight loss journey is truly inspiring but remember that not every journey is the same. What worked on her might not work on you. Each body is different, accept that, and embrace that!