Anupamaa Grand Update: Anuj Kapadia Falls For Anupama Some More, Offers Her Business Partnership Irking Vanraj Shah And Kavya

Anupamaa Grand Update: The Anupamaa fans are in for a big treat as Vanraj is finally going to get his peace of mind after shaming Anupama for being friends with Anuj Kapadia. In the upcoming episode of the show, the viewers will see a happy and excited Anuj accepting Anupama’s business proposal and offering her a partnership. This makes both Vanraj and Kavya feel jealous as Anuj prefers to invest in Anupama’s idea over theirs. An irked Vanraj then yells at Anupama and accuses Anuj of being biased. He shouts at Anupama and tells her that she has bagged the partnership because Anuj still has a crush on her and this is an opportunity for both of them to rekindle their romance. This makes Anupama furious and she yells back at Vanraj.

Meanwhile, Anuj is getting closer to Anupama with each passing day. Even though he doesn’t want to disturb her peace and her family relations, he is constantly being driven towards her – right from his dreams to a brand new business proposal now. Gopi Kaka, on the other hand, is busy making him understand that this is what is written in his destiny now – to be with Anupama, and that’s the reason he’s finding new ways everyday to stay close to the love of his life.

After being rejected by Anuj Kapadia, both Vanraj and Kavya feel defeated. While they blame their complacency on Anupama’s closeness with Anuj, Baa also sides with them and taunts Anupama for her equation with Anuj. Toshu, who is not feeling comfortable seeing his mom gelling well with a lost friend from college, agrees with Vanraj and Baa.

How will these changing equations between Anupama and Anuj Kapadia affect their relationship? Is more romance in the pipeline for both of them? Well, fans would surely love that! Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!