Bigg Boss OTT Weekend Ka Vaar: Karan Johar Calls Raqesh Bapat ‘Sexist’, Shamita Shetty Calls Him ‘Escapist’

Bigg Boss OTT latest news: Filmmaker Karan Johar called out actor Raqesh Bapat for his changing behaviour with Shamita Shetty, and also for passing a sexist remark during a task. In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Bigg Boss OTT, Karan told Raqesh that he shouldn’t have questioned a woman’s physical capability. He gave his own example and said that even he finds it offensive when people tell him that he’s not man enough, and he cannot just let sexism run on his show blatantly.

Raqesh, who faced a lot of ire for his behaviour in the house the last week, tried to defend himself. The actor had said that ‘men are stronger than women’ during a task, and that didn’t go down well with many including fellow contestant Moose Jattana (who has been eliminated now) who told him that ‘strength doesn’t come from gender.’ However, when Raqesh continued to defend himself, Karan said, “We are living in a woke world where you don’t say things like this.” The actor answered back saying, “I know what strength of a woman is. I have grown up in a house with women around.”

This irked KJo more and he lashed out at Raqesh saying that he doesn’t want to become a part of the cancel culture by ignoring to address his sexist remark. He asked Raqesh to be careful with what he chooses to speak when so many people are watching him. Later, he also called Raqesh an ‘escapist’ and had Shamita justify that.

When asked if her heart was broken by Raqesh, Shamita said, “If he feels that he doesn’t want to hurt me and wants to stay away, then he is an escapist. I feel angry with myself, too.” She added that she feels blocked by him these days and that’s not a good thing.

Both Raqesh and Shamita have been in buzz because of their chemistry inside the Bigg Boss OTT house. However, they have been indulging in huge arguments on the show lately, making their fans feel disappointed and worried at the same time. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss OTT!