Anupamaa Massive Twist: Anuj Kapadia Cancels The Deal as Paritosh Insults Him in Cafe

Anupamaa Massive Spoiler Update: Anupamaa’s fans will be glad to see the grey side of Anuj Kapadia, the man who is superbly successful and head over heels in love with her college friend Anupama. In the upcoming episode, you will see Anuj actually cancelling the entire business deal with the Shahs after Paritosh insults him at the cafe and asks him to not get close to the family so much.

This irks Anuj who takes it as an insult and warns the Shahs against the possible consequences that include the cancellation of the big business deal and the opportunity of teaming up on any other project. A furious Anuj walks out of the cafe after Paritosh stops Anupama from showing him her dance academy.

In the Monday episode, it has been shown that Anuj goes to the cafe where Anupama serves him the special dish and he checks out the property before thinking of the deal. Then, Anupama invites him to see her dance academy which is nearby and he takes interest in the visit. However, as they both proceed towards the academy, Paritosh yells at Anuj. He tells him that he doesn’t need to build more bonds with his family members and should stick to things that are strictly professional. He then asks Anuj to walk away. Anuj clearly tells them all that if he walks away now, he will also be taking away the opportunities that can save the Shah family, however, Paritosh continues to insult him.

It will now be interesting to see how Anupama and Anuj will team up and find more ways to meet up and deepen their bonding. As of now, Vanraj and Kavya’s plans seem to be ruined and they will have to think of something else to attract Anuj’s attention to help them financially. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!