Bigg Boss OTT: After Fight With Raqesh Bapat, Shamita Shetty Kisses Pratik Sehajpal, Fans Say ‘Pratik Rocks, Everyone Shocked’

Bigg Boss OTT: It seems that the romance between Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat inside the house has hit a rocky path and fans are getting to watch less of their mushy moments. After Shamita revealed to Neha Bhasin that ‘Raqesh is not a man for me’, she was seen flirting with Pratik Sehajpal. Surprising to many fans, Pratik during a task flirts with her, and Shamita plants a kiss on his cheek.

In the latest promo shared by colors, Shamita and Pratik are seen performing a task in the garden area when Pratik started to flirt with her. Later, he gets his cheeks closer to Shamita and she plants a kiss on his cheek. The task was being judged by contestant Neha Bhasin.

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In a recent episode, Shamita told Neha Bhasin that Raqesh is not the man for her and claimed that he has a soft corner for Divya Agarwal. She further expressed her dislike towards her and even lashed out at Raqesh for supporting Divya and added that she does not want to be with him anymore.

However, Shamita and Divya, who have always been at loggerheads, decided to talk out their differences. Divya asked Shamita about her intense negativity towards her. She responded by saying, “You tagged me as bossy seeing my concern towards you. I was of course hurt. We did have a friendship and just like how I am concerned for Pratik, I am also concerned towards you. I was just trying to protect you.” Divya then told her that she did not mean to hurt anyone. Later, Raqesh and Divya lose the ticket to the finale because of Pratik.

Shamita, Divya, and Raqesh are seen sitting together.

Shamita then told Divya, “Just like Raqesh has a soft spot for you, I have a spot for Pratik. I genuinely feel Pratik is a good person. But when he loses his temper, that negates everything. Same with you. You are good, but when you say vile stuff during tasks or Weekend Ka Vaar, everything negates everything nice you have done for me.”

Divya then stated that in normal life, she sees Shamita as more experienced but in the game, everyone is a competitor and sometimes things go out of control. Raqesh then leaves but Shamita asked him to sit with them but he anyways leaves the ladies alone.

Shamita is then heard telling Divya, “Why is he escaping. Such an escapist he is. He knows I have this problem with you. The love I had shown for you, you labelled it as bossy. I was hurt. I tried to ignore it for a long. I am not used to people pushing me. The thing that you said about me controlling you. it didn’t work for me. That’s my way of showing love.”