Akshara Singh Opens Up On Her Toxic Relationship: ‘I Was Chased By Few Boys With Acid Bottles In Hand, Went Into Depression’

Mumbai: Bigg Boss OTT contestant and Bhojpuri fame Akshara Singh recently got eliminated from the house during the weekend ka vaar episode. After she came out of the controversial house, she opened up on her toxic relationship and revealed that she went into depression. Speaking with Times of India, she shared, “When things got out of hand and situation got really ugly and I was into depression. A really bad one and I can’t express it. My father told me that being a father I am telling you this that if you plan to live the rest of your life like this, then please go and end your life and if you don’t want to do this then come out of it right away. If you want to end your life do it, I won’t regret or not stopping you. And if you want to live, then don’t turn and look back at your past. Just fight back, I am with you. This statement of his made me so strong that I never looked back.”

She also revealed that she was chased by few boys on the street with acid bottles in their hands. She was quoted as saying, “I was chased by a few boys with acid bottles in their hand. They were running behind me. People who do drugs on the streets were sent after me. I just pray to god that no female has to go through what I’ve suffered in my life.” She further added, “I was getting so many threats that he would kill me or destroy my career but after my father’s conversation with me I gained so much strength that I stopped caring about anything. I did not even fear for my life. I had faced so many thing by then ki maut ka khauff he khatam hogaya tha. I felt kya Karoge maroge he na… chalo maar lo. My ex sent few boys with acid bottles in their hand and also tried to destroy my career.”

She said that nobody from the industry came for her help and was thrown out of the films. She said, “Nobody from the industry came forward to help me. There were people who came to console me. But most of them judged me that I was like that and hence all this was happening to me. Nobody supported me. The entire industry was on one side and I was alone on the other. I had no work in hand. Everybody would throw me out of work without giving any reason. How I survived in Mumbai at that only I and my family knows.”

“When you are staying in Mumbai, you need money to even breathe. I used all the money that I had earned and borrowed money from my house and started making music. I thought I am not going to get any film now because whatever films I had signed, I was thrown out of them. (Emotional) I started doing music albums with my own money. People started appreciating it and I again started earning. But then there was time when music companies started ignoring and stopped taking my songs. They were pressurized to not take my songs. He was hellbent on making my life miserable, main isko jeene nahi doongi… kaise karegi ye kaam. She would either go back to her hometown or kill herself. He wanted that happened to me. So after being rejected from everywhere and with no work in hand. I decided to launch songs under my own label and company. I made up my mind that I will not give up and fight back. Aaj joh bhi chota Kota naam hoon Woh sirf audience Yaa apne mom and Ashirwad se”, she added.

In 2019, Akshara filed an FIR against singer Pawan Singh (Lagavelu Lipstick fame). He was reportedly booked for defaming and posting ‘vulgar’ pictures and videos of actor Akshara Singh on the internet. According to the statement given by Akshara Singh, the report had claimed, she decided to end her friendship after he got married in March 2018. The singer, however, did not want things to end yet and began pressurising her to continue their friendship, it added. Akshara has alleged he also threatened to “not let her work in the industry”.