Saba Ali Khan Breaks Silence on Saif-Kareena Being Trolled For Naming Son Jehangir

Mumbai: Actor Saif Ali Khan’s sister Saba Ali Khan has finally broken her silence on the entire buzz around Saif-Kareena naming their second son Jehangir Ali Khan. Saba took to social media to share a picture of Kareena holding Jeh as she talked about ending the debate about name.

Saba wrote a long note in her Instagram post. She mentioned that only the parents should have the right to name their kids and people should respect their choice and decision. She added that even the family members and friends can only give suggestions but only the parents’ decision matters. “Momma n Jaan Jeh. When a mother carries her child within her and gives him or her life… only she and the father…are allowed to decide… who how and what the child will grow as…And the name. No one…no one else, including other family members, who may gladly suggest, have a say on anything! It’s her soul that has nurtured that baby. Parents are the only ones with rights. Think it’s a reminder for everyone to respect that. Today… tomorrow. Forever!!!!,” she wrote.

Jeh was born earlier this year and Saif-Kareena didn’t reveal his name for the longest time. It was in her pregnancy book that Kareena shared the full name of her baby – Jehangir Ali Khan – that triggered the whole debate about naming a baby after a Mughal ruler. The same trolling happened during the time when the couple named their first son Taimur Ali Khan.

However, many have supported Kareena and Saif in the issue and have commented saying, “In Persian, Jehangir means king of the world… And in the recent past two Jehangirs have glorified India, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Homi Jehangir Bhabha (sic).”


Earlier, while speaking to India Today, Kareena reacted to the mindless trolling and said, “You know I am a very, very positive person. I am very happy and content. I want to spread happiness and positivity in a time like Covid, I can’t think of trolls or any form of negativity.”