Anupamaa Latest Spoiler Alert: Anuj Kapadia Yells at Kavya For Insulting Gopi Kaka, Anupama Pays Him a Visit

Anupamaa Latest Spoiler: After attending the Janmashtami celebrations at the Shah family, business tycoon Anuj Kapadia asks Vanraj and Kavya to meet him at his office if they have other plans to share with him. Kavya, who has been preparing really hard for this meeting, visits Anuj’s office with Vanraj and ends up insulting Gopi Kaka, Anuj’s domestic help whom he considers his parent.

Kavya is taken aback as Anuj gives her peace of mind and tells her that the one who wants to respect him should know how to respect Gopi Kaka. “Jin log ko Gopi Kaka yaad nahi rehte, vo log mujhe yaad nahi rehte,” a furious Anuj tells Kavya and Vanraj.

Later, Anupama enters Anuj’s office and Vanraj snaps at her. He asks why she didn’t come with him and Kavya if she was headed to the same place. “Humare saath ane me tumhari shaan ghat rahi thi,” asks Vanraj to which Anupama replies, “Chaand ki tarah badhne or ghatne vali shaan aapki hai, meri nahi.” Interestingly, Anuj overhears Vanraj trying to insult Anupama. He is standing right outside the door when the conversation happens.

With how the story is progressing, it seems Anuj will soon get to know how Anupama is bullied and insulted by both Vanraj and Kavya in her own family. The man, who is head over heels in love with Anupama, would try to win her heart and make her realise that she deserves a better life than being harassed and bullied everyday. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!