Rajat Bedi’s Manager Claims Actor ‘Wasn’t Driving Rashly, Arranged Blood For Victim’

Mumbai: Actor Rajat Bedi, who has been making headlines for allegedly hitting a drunk man with his car, is in trouble as a case has been registered against him. His manager Sridevi Shetty claimed that the Koi Mil Gaya actor was not driving rashly and the man was drunk who came suddenly in front of the car. Rajat Bedi didn’t run away from the situation, instead, took the victim to the hospital and arranged blood. The manager said, “The guy was drunk, and suddenly came from somewhere. Rajat wasn’t driving rashly. He immediately took him to Cooper Hospital and got his treatment done. Yesterday night they were not getting blood, so Rajat arranged for that too, and was in the hospital till 12: 30 – 1. Rajat’s friend is in the hospital now who is taking care of the medication and the treatment. He had himself informed the police too”.

An FIR has been registered against Rajat Bedi under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Motor Vehicles Act. When Pinkvilla asked manager Sridevi about the FIR, she said, “I am not aware of that yet. We’ll do everything that’s necessary”.

The doctor has shared the victim’s health update by saying, “His condition is too critical, as he sustained head injuries. He is in the ICU and on oxygen support. He urgently needs blood”.

Rajesh Doot’s wife Babita Doot told, “The incident occurred at 6.30 pm when my husband was returning from work and he was drunk. Actor Rajat Bedi, who was driving his car with license number MH 02 CD 4809, hit my husband when he was crossing the road. He fell down, sustaining injuries to the back of his head.”

She further revealed if something will happen to my husband, the actor should be arrested. “The DN Nagar police also visited the hospital, but they didn’t catch Bedi. If anything happens to my husband, Bedi will be responsible. He should be arrested,” she said.