Anupamaa: Fans Can’t Wait For Anupama-Anuj Kapadia To Play Garba Together, Say ‘Take That Vanraj, Slow Burn’

Anupamaa Twitter Reactions: Anupamaa starring Rupali Ganguly in the titular role is the most popular show on television and TRP charts are the proof. The recent entry on the show, Anuj Kapadia, has brought a love angle in Anupama’s life and fans are loving it. Interestingly, they are loving the Anuj-Anupama chemistry and how Vanraj is getting jealous.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement over Anupama and Anuj performing Garba during the Janmashtami celebration at the Shah residence.

One user tweeted, “That jealousy bg music Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes. I’m in for more slow burns, take that Vanraj. Fire #Anupamaa | #AnujKapadia.”

“My man is finally doing Garba with the woman he has loved for twenty-six freaking years”, another tweeted.

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With the new romantic track introduced between Anupama and Anuj, the show also shows how Baa wants to hold back Anupama from not moving on and start afresh life despite her son Vanraj is happily married to Kavya while Anupama is staying under one roof with her ex-husband and his wife, just for the happiness of the Shah family.

After watching Anupama dance with Anuj at the college reunion party, Baa simply taunted Anupama, “har cheez har umar me shobha nahi deti nahi toh kabhi ghutno ko takleef hoti hai, kabhi apno ko.”

On the other hand, Kavya is making all efforts to be friends with Anuj Kapadia, because he is super-rich and wants to take advantage of him to live a lavish life.

It will be interesting to watch what hurdles Anupama has to face to finally fall in love with Anuj. Will Vanraj overcome his jealousy and finally let Anupama go? Will Baa let Anupama get married to Anuj?