Sidharth Shukla’s Prayer Meet Clip by Brahma Kumari Sister Goes Viral, BK Shivani Shares Rita Shukla’s Strong Nature – Watch

Sidharth Shukla Prayer Meet Viral Video: Sidharth Shukla’s family on Monday organised a virtual prayer meet for the late actor in accordance with Brahma Kumaris traditions as the late actor was a follower of them. In the clip, Brahma Kumari sister BK Shivani conducted the Satsang and shared that she contacted Sidharth Shukla’s mother, Rita Shukla on the day of his death. BK Shivani also helped Shukla’s fans by helping them in meditation. She started with, “Om Shanti, Sidharth Parmatma Ke Paas Chale Gaye. Everyone in the world had just one question in their mind Aisa Kyun Hua? (Why did it happen?). Achanak, Sab kuch theek tha. Hum sabko chodke ek nayi yatra pe chale gaye (Why did it happen, all of a sudden, he chose a different path). The late actor’s fans and loved ones are still seeking for their answers. Ye galat hua, aisa hua kaise? Itna shaktishali, sada khush rehna wala, sabko khush karne wala mann, aisa ho kaise sakta hai, ye hua kyun? These questions are there in everyone’s mind. Everyone wants to know the answer. We have to change our perspective today for some time.”

BK Shivani requested everyone in the prayer meet to not think about yourself. We have to see from his family’s perspective. Think about the person who is no longer here. Hum sab ne ek insaan ko khoya hai, but usne ek pal hum mein apne poore pariwaar ko kho diya (We have just lost one person but think about him, he doesn’t have anyone with him). Parivaar ne ek sadasya ko khoya, but uss ek insaan ne poore parivaar ko kho diya, shareer kho diya, dost, rishte kho diye. Jo haasil kiya, vo kho diya. Think about the person who dies, he has nothing with him now. Who has more suffering?

Brahma Kumari sister BK Shivani further revealed she was moved upon witnessing the strong nature of his mother Rita maa. She can be heard saying, “When I had a word with Rita behen on September 2 evening, she said: Om Shanti. Wherever he is, he’ll be happy”.

Upon listening to the story, TV actor Paras Chhabra, who was also a part of Bigg Boss 13, explained that the video helped him gain some power amidst the demise of Sidharth Shukla. He expressed, “Rita aunty more power to you aur Ye sunne ke baad i got some power… Thank you for this beautiful satsang… #RIPsidharthshukla.”

Watch a small part of virtual prayer meet where BK Shivani shared Sidharth’s mother’s strong nature:


Watch Full Virtual Prayer Meet Here:

May his soul rest in peace!