Mohnish Bahl’s Daughter and Helmet Star Pranutan Reveals How She Never Used Her Surname While Auditioning | Exclusive

Mumbai: Nepotism in Bollywood is a never-ending debate. Star kids are often judged for their contracts. While Zee5’s latest movie Helmet is already winning the audience’s hearts, we decided to ask its star Pranutan Bahl if she has ever experienced the same.

In an exclusive conversation with, Mohnish Bahl’s daughter and young actor Pranutan Bahl talked about her struggling days despite being a star kid. She revealed that she had to face rejection for 2.5 years before signing her first movie. Pranutan also mentioned how she never used her father’s contact to be where she is today.

“I auditioned everywhere and never used my father’s contact or name. I not even used to write my surname. I have faced this grill for 2.5 years and that’s when I got my first movie, Notebook through an audition. Helmet also I got through an audition. When Notebook was released nobody knew that my dad was my dad,” said said.


Pranutan Bahl also mentioned that the tag of being a star kid can help anyone in getting only a few movies, but ultimately it is the talent that speaks. “Everyone’s journey is different. If you want to use your contact, that’s your wish. I didn’t want to. I wanted to know my self, if I am capable of doing this in front of the camera. Aapko contact se ek picture mil jaaegi, ya do but ultimately your talent will speak,” she added.

Pranutan also added that star kids are often judged about the same and said, “People are going to judge you anyway when you are a public figure. People always are going to judge you and fair enough because you jumped into this field, you cannot shy away. People are going to have opinions about you. When you come from a film background family, you are bound to have contacts, but the point is everyone’s journey is different.”

Pranutan was recently seen in Helmet along with Aparshakti Khurana. It is a comedy that touches upon a topic that is considered embarrassing for most people in India.

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