Is Professor Going to Die? Money Heist Season 5 Releases Today

The fifth season of the popular series Money Heist is all set to release. While fans are super excited for the same, one question that is on everyone’s mind is if the new season will have the tragic death of their beloved character – the Professor.

For the unversed, the Professor (played by actor Álvaro Morte) was held at the gunpoint by Alicia Sierra in the last moments of Money Heist’s season 4.

While several fan theories have predicted that the Professor could meet his end in the very first episode of the new season, one must also notice the hints regarding the fate of the professor in the trailer. In the season 5 trailer, Professor says, “It’s possible this is the last time I speak to you.” The trailer also presents how Alicia Sierra has tied him up in chains. In another scene, she throws him from an elevated height.

In case you missed Money Heist 5 Trailer:

Some of the fan theories also predict that the professor’s fate might be similar to his father’s fate. It has also been predicted that since the Professor is at Alicia’s mercy, there is no guarantee that he might survive. Fan theories have claimed that with bloodshed within the bank, Professor is likely to die on the premises of the bank.

This season of Money Heist has been divided into two volumes. While the first five episodes of the final season of Money Heist will release on Netflix on September 3, the remaining five will be released in December.

Since all of these are speculations, it will be interesting to see what happens in the Money Heist Season 5.

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