KBC 13 September 1, 2021 Episode: Aman Bajpayee Takes Home 12,50,000 – Know Tough Questions And Answers

KBC 13 September 1, 2021, LIVE Episode: Aman Bajpai is a 23-year-old boy from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, who is sitting on the hot seat. Amitabh Bachchan introduces him and laughs at his jokes. Aman’s nickname is Shubul, and he is a foody guy. He has completed his graduation in BA from Ram Sarjivan Savitri Degree college. Currently, he is pursuing MA in Sociology. Aman’s main motive to come on KBC is to win an amount for his restaurant, to make his parents proud and to prove that unemployed people are not failures. Aman is a foodie and wants to open a Chinese restaurant and even his father is ready to back him. If Aman wins one crore, he wants to name his restaurant ‘Crorepati Cafe’ and invite Mr. Bachchan for the inauguration.

Aman often finds flaws in his mother’s food, which leads to an argument. His mother does not like this and complains about his laziness and habit of getting up late in the morning.  He consulted a lawyer to get his name changed and believes his name does not match his nature and personality. His lawyer told him the process would be lengthy, so he gave up.

Aman Bajpayee reveals KBC 13’s prize money will be his first source of income. He wants to buy a motorcycle for his father, sarees for his mother.

Check Out Tonight’s Toughest Questions And Answers:

Q. Which word would complete this proverb, ‘Dimaag Mein __ Hona’, meaning foolish?

A. Bhoosa

Q. Which icon appears after subscribing to YouTube Channel to get a notification?

A. Bell

Q. What is the full form of RAT, a type of COVID-19 testing technique?

A. Rapid Antigen Test

Q. Which Hindi word means love?

A. Anurag

Q. According to scriptures, which feature caused Kumbhakarna to be named such?

A. Pot Like Ears

Q. Which cricket ground is popularly known as ‘Gabba’?

A. Brisbane Cricket Ground

Q. Which is this salty lake located at the lowest point of Earth that makes it impossible for people to sink?

A. Dead Sea

Q. Which variety of mango is said to have originated in a village near Kakori in Lucknow?

A. Dasheri

Q. What is the title of this actor-politician’s biography which was released in 2016?

A. Anything But Khamosh

Q. Which new currency note, issued by the RBI does not feature the motif of any historical monument on its reverse?

A.  Rs. 2000

Q. In March 2021, which Indian politician became the first serving MP to be promoted as Captain in Territorial Army?

A. Anurag Thakur

Q. An engineer named Nils Bohlin developed the modern 3-pilot seat belt while working for which company?

A. Volvo

Q. Serving between 1993 and 1996, who was the first Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission?

A. Justice Ranganath Misra

Aman Bajpayee Quits KBC 13 And Takes Home 12,50,000

Samiksha Shrivastava from Bhopal joins the hot seat. The 35-years-old is Assistant Vice President- Sales And Business Development in an MNC that makes Power Conductors for Transmission lines. While pursuing her studies at NMIMS, her house was right opposite to that of Mr. Bachchan’s house Pratiksha. Samiskha used to catch glimpses of Big B every Sunday. She said, the actor waved back at her and she still remembers it.

Q. Complete this movie dialogue. Koi Baat Nahi __ Badi Badi Deshon Mein Aishe Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai?

A. Senorita

Q. Palazzo, harem, culottes and what type of clothing worn by women?

A. Pants

Q. What will you have if you are suffering from hypotension?

A. Low blood pressure

Q. In which city was this song shot? (Song played on screen)

A. London

Q. Stephen Hawking was an excerpt in which of these areas?

A. Black Holes

KBC 13 contestant Samiksha Shrivastava becomes the roll-over contestant and will be seen tomorrow on the hot seat. Stay updated!