BTS Memories 2020: ARMY Gets Emotional After V and Jimin Kiss On RM’s Forehead | Watch

South Korea: Globally famous K-pop septet, BTS recently released a collection of their best moments from 2020. However, there is one moment from the album that has caught everyone’s attention and has left ARMY in complete awe.

BTS Memories 2020 included a glimpse from RM’s birthday in which V aka Kim Tae-hyung can be seen holding his face as other group members sing a birthday song. While RM is sitting on a chair, mid-way into the song, Jimin planted a kiss on RM’s forehead. He was followed by V.

This video has not only made fans emotional but has also left them in complete awe. A number of ARMY members took to social media sharing the video and expressing their love for K-pop septet. “Oh my god I love them help… Not them kissing Namjoon on his birthday help,” one of the fans wrote. Another ARMY member wrote, “2020 memories summary: Vmin kissed namjoon, jikook almost kissed, sope is a couple, jihope almost kissed, joonie jhope almost kissed tae, tae jin back hugging, koobi back hug, vmin dancing, BTS is married to each other!!”

Meanwhile, BTS boys are also set to participate in Global Citizen Live for the first time. This means that BTS will feature its performances in a 24-hour broadcast. While the mega event will take place on September 25, it will be streamed by ABC, ABC News Live, BBC, iHeartRadio, FX, Hulu, YouTube and Twitter. Global Citizen will be organised with a live audience in some parts of the world, including in Central Park, New York.