Kundra Kundrra Worries About His Image as he Shares Same Surname With Raj Kundra: People Thought It’s Me

Raj Kundra‘s arrest in the pornography case leads to problems in TV actor Karan Kundrra‘s life as several people thought it was Karan who has been arrested. Kundrra shared that he is in a tricky situation due to the same sirnames. A few days ago, one of the websites used Karan’s name and photograph in place of businessman Raj Kundra in connection with the infamous pornography case. While speaking to a news portal, Karan Kundrra opened up on the same and said, “Not just my picture, some also used my name. When I woke up and opened my Twitter, I saw a lot of people had thought that it was actually me who was caught in the controversy and were tweeting about it while tagging me. It took me a while to figure out what actually happened, and that it was Raj Kundra.”

Karan Kundrra recalled one of the headlines that read “Karan Kundrra arrested for making porn films”. On this, the actor shared his ordeal and said, “Some thought that it was a mistake, some thought that the person in question is me. There were some who started abusing me. They started tagging me and replying on Twitter, with my fans correcting them. This has happened before as well when someone called me Shilpa Shetty’s husband, which was taken in a lighter manner.”

Karan further added that, he has come across posts like ‘yeh Roadies karne wala banda porn bana raha hai’. He gave clarity by sharing screenshots of the news posted by a few websites and wrote, “For F**** SAKE… NOT THAT KUNDRA!!! (sic).”

Karan Kundra shares screenshot of news site who misunderstood him with Raj Kundra

Karan Kundra shares a screenshot of a news site that misunderstood him with Raj Kundra