Indian Film ‘A Night of Knowing Nothing’ Wins Best Documentary Award At The Cannes Film Festival

New Delhi: Indian film A Night of Knowing Nothing has won the best documentary award at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. The movie is directed by Mumbai-based filmmaker Payal Kapadia, who is also Film and Television Institute (FTII) Pune alumnus.

After receiving the award, Payal Kapadia told The Sunday Express that, “I’m really honoured to receive this prize as there have been wonderful filmmakers who have got it in the past. Our film is quite experimental, so we were a bit surprised too.”

The film revolves around a university student in India, who is named L and falls in love with K. However, they are separated as K had to return to his village. The movie is also set in the backdrop of students’ protests in India and highlights the cracks in Indian society. “Initially, we were shooting our friends and talking a lot about matters of love, and the impossibility of certain relationships because of caste or religious differences. We realised that talking about young people in India cannot be done without discussing discrimination. So, writer Himanshu (Prajapati) and we culled out a fictional narrative from all the stories we had documented,” Kapadia said after screening of her film at Cannes.

This is Kapadia’s second visit to the Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, her film, Afternoon Clouds also premiered at the film festival.

Meanwhile, the Cannes Film Festival ended on Saturday. Julia Ducournau won the top prize, the Palme d’Or, for her film Titane. With this, she has now become the second woman ever to win this award.