BTS Vs BTS Trends After ‘Permission To Dance’ Dethrones ‘Butter’ To Be No. 1 On Global YouTube Songs Chart

South Korea: Since the release of BTS song Permission To Dance, it is breaking records and has become everyone’s favourite around the world. The song is the new internet sensation.

Now, Permission To Dance has replaced BTS’ second English song Butter on YouTube’s global top songs chart. The song has claimed the number one position with 187 million streams. After Permission To Dance dethroned Butter, several ARMY members took to Twitter expressing excitement and using the hashtag ‘BTS vs BTS’. Fans wrote that it is always BTS vs BTS and that there is no one else in the picture.

While one of the ARMY members wrote, “You know an artist who’s only competition is that artist themselves speaks volumes about the capability of that artist, just saying……bts vs bts,” another social media user wrote, “Butter broke dynamite record then PTD broke butter record, it’s always #BTSvsBTS And then there is spring day.” A number of fans also shared hilarious memes. Take a look.

Earlier on July 12, BTS member Suga predicted that Permission To Dance will also replace the group’s Butter on Billboard Hot 100. He also added that Permission To Dance will also remain on the top spot for four to five weeks. Currently, Butter is ruling the Billboard chart for the last six weeks.

Well, only time will tell if Suga’s prediction will come true or not. But one thing is clear, BTS is always on number one.