Rahul Vaidya-Disha Parmar Wedding: Choreographer Reveals Details of Sangeet Ceremony And a Lot More

Mumbai: Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding is on Friday, July 16. It is expected to be an intimate affair with only family members and close friends in attendance. The couple is sharing everything on their respective Instagram pages from pre-wedding festivities haldi and mehendi ceremonies. We cannot get enough of each other in the photos and videos. We all are waiting for their sangeet ceremony as today is their wedding. Choreographer Sumit Khetan, who specialises in wedding choreography, is currently busy with preparations for singer Rahul Vaidya and actress Disha Parmar’s wedding. Sumit choreographs Rahul and Disha’s moves for their Sangeet ceremony that is on July 17. Yes, the sangeet ceremony is after marriage! Reversing tradition, the Sangeet ceremony will take place after the wedding on July 16.

Speaking about the special song and the choreography, Sumit tells IANS: “I am choreographing Rahul and Disha’s Sangeet and it’s a lot of fun. Rehearsals started a week before. I can obviously not reveal the songs but there are definitely exciting songs from Hindi films. As far as Rahul and Disha are concerned, they both are very bubbly in nature and it’s fun to teach them. Every evening, we have rehearsals.”

“The experience has been positive because both of them are full of life. Rahul is very expressive and Disha is an amazing dancer. I must say they are quick learners. They have been very accommodative and sweet. They don’t have any tantrums and try to understand the options we give them. They are happy to understand as to what we want to teach them and very comfortable and adjusting. They have really liked my choreography and said that it is catchy and cheerful, which is really encouraging,” Sumit adds.

Take a look at Disha Parmar and Rahul Vaidya’a last-minute dance practice:



Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar had their mehendi ceremony on Wednesday, while the haldi function took place on Thursday. Videos from the ceremonies have been shared on Instagram:



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