Anupamaa Shocking Twist: Anupamaa to Leave Shah House After Kavya Manipulates Pakhi, Baa, Babuji Against Her

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Kavya plans something big to break the Shah family. After manipulating Pakhi against her mother Anupama, Kavya will now try every possible way to manipulate all the family members of Shah house to go against Anupama. Kavya’s mission to make Pakhi go against Anupama was successful. It all started when Pakhi stayed back at home for her school project and Kavya too stayed back as she didn’t feel well. Anupama got busy with the dance academy and couldn’t take time for her daughter. Kavya used this time and provoked Pakhi by saying that Anupama does not care about her and in the priority list, she comes after Nandini.

It has been reported by TellyChakkar, after Pakhi, Kavya will now manipulate Baa and Babuji and they will too go against Anupama. Baa and Babuji reportedly will taunt their first daughter-in-law Anupama. It is also shocking to learn that Vanraj will too join the team to go against Anupama. This will help Kavya in becoming stronger as everything will go as per the plan. Now, when the whole house will be against Anupama, she finally decides to make an exit from the Shah house.

It’s shocking to know that it will be Anupama who would want to leave the house as Kavya influenced the entire house against Anupama. Also, there is a big twist here! When Anupama will leave the house, the new entry of the show will be waiting for her already.

It also means that Anupama will welcome the new entry in her life after leaving Shah house.

A few days ago, the producer of Anupamaa, Rajan Shahi confirmed the addition of a ‘very important character’. He said, “As far as buzz of new entry is concerned there will be a very important character who will join the cast but his casting hasn’t begun.”

He also said, “I am grateful to the audiences for showering love to the show Anupamaa and make it a part of daily life. We will continue entertaining the audience. We will make the formal announcement when the new character is finalised.”

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