Splitsvilla X Girl Anmol Chaudhary Breaks Silence on Having a Baby Out of Wedlock, Hiding Her Pregnancy From Parents

Mumbai: Splitsvilla fame Anmol Chaudhary is a mother of a boy. The popular reality show contestant gave birth to her first child in September last year. The model hid her pregnancy from her parents, media, and everyone else because she feared being judged for becoming a mother out of wedlock. In her latest interview with ETimes, Anmol revealed that she first decided to abort her child but the moment she heard his heartbeat, she changed her mind.

Anmol was seen in Splitsvilla Season 10 in the year 2017. She dated a man for a while after that but when she got pregnant, they both decided to abort the child thinking they were not ready for the same. However, Anmol went ahead with her pregnancy all alone, managing her and her baby’s health on her own in Mumbai. She said only a few friends knew about her decision, though they were also of the opinion that she should have aborted the child.


A happy mother today, Anmol says she has nothing to regret her decision. She was quoted as saying, “I wanted to post pictures and tell the world that I am pregnant, but I didn’t do that. Only a few friends of mine knew about it. Even my parents weren’t aware; I didn’t tell them because I knew that they wouldn’t take it well.”

She added, “I understood that I was on my own and had to do things myself. Even though he said he wanted to help, I felt those were just words because he was scared that I might reveal his identity.” Later, Anmol’s sister helped her during the pregnancy and made her understand the importance of being a mother. She had the baby through C-section on September 7, 2020. “Holding my son was the emotion I had never experienced in my entire life,” she said.


Anmol went on to reveal that her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child even offered to help her with raising the baby but that didn’t work out. She said, “I wanted the best for my baby and then we agreed to co-parent but we failed. But if he wants to connect with our son, I am fine with that. I don’t have a problem.”

Anmol didn’t reveal the identity of her child’s father. And she wants to keep it just like that – being a single mother, having a baby who is just her responsibility. Our best wishes to Anmol!