Anupamaa Big Twist: Kavya Provokes Pakhi Against Anupamaa After Paritosh-Kinjal Make Their Exit From Home

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Kavya is back at her evil plan to break the Shah family. Samar along with other family members goes to the dance academy, while Pakhi stays back at home for her school project and Kavya too stayed back as she does not feel like going. As Anupamaa gets busy with the dance academy, she is unable to give much time to Pakhi.

Pakhi gets worried about her performance at the annual function as she is not prepared. Anupamaa, on the other hand, tries to contact Pakhi but due to network issues, she could not reach her. Kavya takes advantage of the situation and manipulates Pakhi against Anupamaa. Kavya provokes Pakhi by saying that Anupamaa does not care about her and in her priority list, she comes after Nandini. Kavya even helps her prepare for the performance at the annual function. Well, Pakhi does get provoked which is set to bring in a new twist.


On the other hand, Rakhi provoked Paritosh and Kinjal to move out of the Shah residence and offered to live in her penthouse. Paritosh decides to move out of the house and announce his decision at home. Shocked by his decision, Vanraj tells him that in big cities, children go and live separately from their parents but in Ahmadabad, family stays together. Paritosh then taunts him about Anupamaa-Vanraj’s divorce and said that even divorce is considered bad but still they went for it. He asks them what is wrong with staying separately from the joint family.

Anupamaa tells him that if they want to live separately, no one will stop them but suggests Kinjal and Toshu to first go and look at the penthouse.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa and Vanraj have now turned into business partners. As Anupamaa will run her dance academy, Vanraj will run his cafe. Kavya has lost her job.