Ye KRK Ek Number Ka Jhoota Hai: Rakhi Sawant Supports Salman Khan in Legal Battle

KRK vs Salman Khan: Rakhi Sawant is the latest one to have spoken in the legal battle between actor Salman Khan and self-acclaimed movie critic Kamaal Rashid Khan. The popular actor mentioned that Salman is too big a star to be called out by KRK who have no class or status. Rakhi once again thanked Salman and his family for their generosity in helping her mother in the cancer treatment.

Rakhi called KRK a liar and said that he can’t be trusted with anything he says against anyone. The entire controversy began last month when Salman sued KRK with a defamation case. While the actor’s lawyers maintained that he has been slapped with a notice for defaming Salman’s businesses and accusing him of money laundering, KRK alleged that the actual reason is his review of Salman’s movie Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai that went viral on social media.

Now, while speaking on the same issue, Rakhi said, “Salman ji is a Bollywood legend, a blockbuster star. It’s a big deal for me if he says nice things about me. He gave me my mother. I was stressed after leaving Bigg Boss. I didn’t have any money.” She added.”Ye KRK ek number ka jhoota hai. ‘My pants come from America, milk comes from Switzerland.’ Lokhandwala se Rs 750 mein khareed ke laata hai. Wahi pant pehenta hai aur jhoot bolta hai (He says he gets his pants from America. He buys it for Rs 750 from Lokhandwala and then lies about it)”.

Meanwhile, the court has passed an interim order asking KRK to not say anything in the case or against Salman, however, on Thursday he said he is ready to challenge the court’s order.