Loki Episode 3 Review: No Major Development In Plot May Disappoint You, But Lady Loki-God of Mischief’s Chemistry Balances It AllM

Loki Episode 3 Review: The third episode of Marvel’s Loki has been released and it has once again proved why it is one of the best Marvel series yet.

After a massive twist in episode two, episode three explores the teamwork of Loki and Lady Loki (Sylvie). There isn’t much development with regard to the plot and this may be the only point that may disappoint you. The episode takes you away from the Time-Variant Authority or TVA and leaves us all alone with Loki and Lady Loki. It presents us the chemistry between Loki and Lady Loki. If you are thinking it’s just about being enemies and hatred, you are wrong because there’s much more to it.

However, one must also notice that the episode explores several deeper themes. The theme of sexuality and Loki being gender fluid has also been explored in the episode. This isn’t simply reflected in the conversation between Loki and Sylvie, but through the use of lights as well. The use of pink, purple and blue lighting in the train also depicts the same (if you are wondering what’s Loki doing on a train, watch the episode).

Moreover, don’t know how many people noticed, but there is a pattern in the way Loki falls. Look at this for instance:

The execution and cinematography in the episode add beauty and gives us another reason to love it. However, there is a mixed response on it from the Marvel fans with some arguing that VFX in the episode is looking a little weird, others loved it.

Another scene from the episode that will win your heart is when you’ll hear Loki singing.

Overall, Loki – as a character is developing and you’ll love him not as a villain, but as a hero.