Sonu Nigam Says ‘Sob Stories’ On Reality Shows Are Marketing Gimmick, Contestants Are ‘Dhurandhars’

Mumbai: Singer Sonu Nigam, who is known for his outspoken nature and explosive statements, has now made a controversial statement about the reality of sob stories on reality shows. He said that the ‘sob stories’ are being used in reality shows as a marketing gimmick. The ace singer, who himself judged shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol, said that ‘sob stories’ are clearly working or else they would not be highlighted so often in the show. He, however defended his statement, that the contestants are ‘extremely talented’ in their own right. He also talked about the trend of calling the attention to the contestants’ backstories on reality shows.

Speaking with TOI, he expressed,”If they weren’t working (sob stories), it would not be happening so often on reality shows. In the deepest corner of my heart, I feel sob stories are working. It is a marketing thing, and people are not fools. Their hearts are in the right place. I also feel that the contestants in reality shows are extremely talented. They are ‘dhurandhars’.

Saying he is no one to comment on music reality shows, he further added “They are doing well, getting good viewership and the singers are phenomenal,” he expressed. When questioned if he is willing to be back as a judge of a reality show, the singer said, “If I feel I can contribute to a show and they come with an offer, why not? If I feel I am a misfit, I won’t do it.”

Earlier this month, Sonu Nigam grabbed eyeballs after he reacted to the infamous Indian Idol 12 controversy.  He had posted a video on his Instagram account in which he said, “Nobody can do justice to the legendary Kishore Kumar songs. His son Amit Kumar is a great man and he has seen this industry much more than us. He is a very quiet and dignified person. He is not saying anything and you are taking undue advantage of this. I want to tell the Indian Idol team to end this controversy. There’s no fault of Amit ji and Indian Idol as well.”

The Kal Ho Na Ho singer had even opposed Aditya Narayan and Manoj Muntashir and stepped forward in support of Amit Kumar saying, “I want to even tell Manoj Muntashir and Aditya Narayan to not say anything about Amit Kumar. He is a senior and we should maintain that respect for a senior. if a senior criticise you, you don’t take offence, you think about where you went wrong and you improve yourself,”.

Currently, Indian Idol 12 is hosted by Aditya Narayan. The shoot setup has been shifted to Daman amid the outbreak of novel Coronavirus pandemic as the shooting of films and TV shows have been put to halt in Mumbai in this situation.

(Written By Apoorva Girdhar)