Why Cast Ayushmann in Bala or Saif in Omkara? Sharib Hashmi on Samantha’s ‘Brown Face’ Criticism

The Family Man 2 Exclusive News: Actor Samantha Akkineni has given one of the finest performances of her lifetime in the Amazon Prime Video series The Family Man 2. The actor, who has so far played the role of a happy-go-lucky girl in the movies, has become a raging villain in the show. Her character Raji is unlike anything we have seen on-screen. And yet, several allegations of racism surface when we discuss the casting of The Family Man 2. Many people objected to the casting of Samantha’s character as the dark-skinned Raji.

The creators of the show – Raj & DK defended their decision by saying that it’s not about race and they got a Tamil actor to play a Tamil character. And now, in an interview with india.com, Sharib Hashmi, who plays the role of JK Talpade in the series, commented on the same allegations. Dismissing the claims of racism, Sharib mentioned that this argument looks very frivolous because the decision of casting should always be left to the makers and they always prefer a better actor than someone whose skin-tone matches the character’s description.

Sharib also reminded all of the other off-beat castings that have been done in the past and have shown amazing results. The actor named Ayushmann Khurrana and Saif Ali Khan and said, “These are creative decisions and you should give that freedom to the director. It’s his story, he should be in a position to do the casting. Why would you object to Samantha’s casting? It’s like saying that they should have taken a bald actor in Bala and not Ayushmann Khurrana. By that logic, would you object to Saif Ali Khan’s casting in Omkara saying that the makers got a royal person for the role of a desi criminal? So this argument is not valid. If someone’s performance has not been upto the mark, then maybe we can still mull over the decision. But, Samantha has been excellent in the show.”

Watch out this space for our full interview with Sharib Hashmi! Meanwhile, you can watch our quick review of The Family Man 2 here.