Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal Abuse Case: Mona Singh Speaks on Domestic Violence in 10 Years of Marriage | Exclusive

Karan Mehra domestic violence case news: After actor Nisha Rawal accused her husband, actor Karan Mehra, of domestic violence, several TV stars took their sides in the case. Many felt that Nisha has suffered a lot and this is the time she’s finally ready to speak about it, while many supported Karan by saying that he’s a soft-spoken man and can’t think of causing any violence. Collecting courage to speak out in such cases takes years and when celebs are involved, it is bound to become even more sensitive and judgemental. But does it become more difficult for a female actor than a male actor to talk about living in an abusive marriage? Actor Mona Singh, most popular for her role Jassi in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, doesn’t think so.

Mona is now gearing up to host the crime series Mauka-E-Vardaat on &TV and during an interaction with india.com, she talked about domestic violence and the courage one needs to speak about it. Mona didn’t comment on the Karan-Nisha case but said that if a woman has come out after being in 10 years of marriage, then that shows her suffering and her decision of standing up herself now.

She said, “I am not in a situation to be able to comment because the person who is going through such torture at home and is talking about it now, after some 10 years of marriage and being together, that means she has had enough. Maybe she thought somewhere in her head that the situation will change. Maybe she thought that the person would change. But a person who has always been terrible in marriage, who has never been understanding, or who has always chosen violence over communication, will never change. So maybe a woman has had it enough and now is the time to speak up.”

When asked if it’s more difficult for a female actor to speak out, Mona said, “I don’t think it’s more difficult for a female actor to come out and talk about it. If you are ready to talk and you think enough is enough, you do that… when you think it’s the right time to speak up.”

Such alleged cases of domestic abuse are not new in the TV industry. Right from Daljiet Kaur, Rashami Desai to Dimply Ganguly and Shweta Tiwari, many TV actors have talked about being in an abusive marriage in the past. Your thoughts on Mona’s views?

Watch out this space for a full interview with Mona Singh soon!