Does Suchi Tell Srikant About Arvind in The Last Episode of The Family Man 2? Manoj Bajpayee Speaks

The Family Man 2 Latest News: The Family Man 2 didn’t just end with a solid reference to the plot of the third season, it also kind of gave an update on the future of Srikant Tiwari and Suchi’s relationship as their marriage goes for a toss in between Srikant’s job and Suchi’s friendship with Arvind (Sharad Kelkar). Now, Manoj Bajpayee, who plays the ‘family man’ in the movie comments on what happens between his character and Priyamani’s character at the end of the second season.

As the season ends, we see Suchi telling something to Srikant in the kitchen that leaves him stunned. Now, those who have been following the show know that Suchi has been trying to tell Srikant something for a long time. While the strongest guess is that it’s something to do with Arvind, the audience is still left wondering if Suchi really revealed something big to Srikant in the last scene. While speaking to News18 in his latest interview, Bajpayee refused to reveal the details about the important scene claiming that he himself doesn’t know what Suchi tells his character in that prominent scene.

The popular actor, who is getting a lot of appreciation from all over the country for his performance in The Family Man 2, said, “I will definitely tell you when the script comes to me (laughs).”

In an interview with, Sharib Hashmi, who plays the role of JK Talpade, Srikant’s best friend in the show, spoke about his bonding with Manoj Bajpayee. He said that even though he plays his best buddy on-screen, in real life, he has to maintain a decorum because Manoj is too senior to him to act like a buddy off-screen as well. However, Sharib mentioned that the kind of guidance and comfort Bajpayee gives to his co-stars is beyond any explanation.

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