The Family Man 2 Creators on Turning Samantha Akkineni Aka Raji’s Skin Tone Several Shades Browner

The Family Man 2 is undoubtedly the best web series we have ever come across. Season 2 is way better than the first and the credit goes to Samantha Akkineni’s stellar performance. She made her debut in the digital space with a brilliant performance as Raji who was a Sri Lankan Tamil rebel and of course, she overpowered Manoj Bajpayee’s work in season 2. However, there are a few people who didn’t like Samantha given an extra dark skin tone that she sported as Raji. In a recent interview with Film Companion, The Family Man 2 show makers Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK explained the reason behind turning Samantha’s skin tone into dark brown.

The makers said: “Her character demanded that she had to be fit because she’s a military person.” They also stated that as “responsible filmmakers, they wanted to establish that the idea was not to propagate any context of beauty or race. It was as simple as what the character demanded.”

“This whole thing comes in the context of beauty when you’re trying to say dark skin is not beautiful and fair skin is beautiful… This is not that context, number one. There is no context of skin beauty in this. We are all shades of brown. Now, the idea is that if each one is a shade of brown, so it’s not about getting a different race to play this (character). It’s not a race thing either,” Raj said during the interview.

Raj explained that Samantha’s Raji character was someone who would not have “time for worrying about self-care.” He added, “Here we are trying to get the character of Raji right. We want her to speak it, we want her to look it, we want her to be that action girl who can land the punch, someone who can be physically fit and take on a guy doubles her size. That’s our main challenge. So if you look at what she wears… She’s a soldier, she’s a weather-beaten girl, there’s no time for worrying about self-care. If you’re a soldier in the Himalayas, your face is going to be red, that’s the makeup.”

DK mentioned that they had given Samantha excessive training for three months, basically to get into the skin of Raji. “She learned martial arts, a specific dialect and more. She learned this particular dialect of Tamil, which is not her usual Tamil. Now add to that the concept of hair, makeup and costume, that is a complete character that we are presenting. This is the character of Raji; she looks a certain way, she walks a certain way, and she’s a killing machine, and that’s all there is to it”, added DK.

The Family Man Season 2 also features starring Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Seema Biswas, Darshan Kumar, Sharad Kelkar, Sunny Hinduja and Shreya Dhanwantary, and has been receiving positive reviews ever since the show started streaming online.